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The Progenitor of the Sern-Cahilan Conlangs


Hvasvan, also known as Proto-Sern-Cahilan, was the progenitor to all Sern-Cahilan languages, including Arodjun, Nashan, Permechikan, Prins, and many others. It was originally spoken in what we know as the Mississippi River valley before it eventually split into the Sern (eastern) and Cahilan (western) branches. Linguists within the world of Dog Days know little about this language and have not yet realised that it is, in fact, the ancestor of all of these highly-spoken languages in the modern era.

‘The ancestors of the people who would eventually speak Arodjun migrated west of the Proto-Sern-Cahilan (PSC) urheimat, located near what is today Arkansas and Mississippi, around the year 4500 br (Before the Remodernization/Rediscovery, called qlo djavjejarkx or qd in Arodjun) during a large diaspora caused by some kind of ecological disaster. The PSC culture was a generally sedentary, mound-building culture before its destruction, and this culture of building structures into and of the ground would carry on in many different forms across different cultures.’
— Excerpt from A Grammar of the Arodjun Language by Agma Schwa.

Below is the Google Sheets document for Hvasvan, which includes tables with pronouns, declensions, conjugations, and more. It will continue to be updated over time.

For more information, see the YouTube channel Agma Schwa