Hunger Games Simulator

A Prnth language in the Dog Days Universe.

:·pʰ.ð.m features nonconcatenative morphology, a highly labial phonology, nearly free word order, and a basic set of foundational copulas.

The language itself is not hugely naturalistic, although in the Bez universe it does have native speakers and was naturally derived from Proto-Prnth. There has been a large amount of manual, let's call it "conlangery," put into this language over the years due to its use mostly as a poetic and scriptural language.

The version of :·pʰ.ð.m colloquially spoken is nearly a separate language, and would have fully evolved away several times over if not for the heavy sense of prescriptivism and conservatism in Fifgath culture.

In Arodjun, the language is referred to as Fitukat or Fitukatau, and when we in the real world discuss it we may call it Fifgath or "pthm" ['pʰɪ.ðəm].

pthm text

pʰíɸðam, the instrumental singular case noun referring to the act of speaking :·pʰ.ð.m


:·pʰ.ð.m Vowels

pthm Vowels

:·pʰ.ð.m Consonants

pthm Phonology

:·pʰ.ð.m Phonotactics

pthm Phonotactics
For more information, see the YouTube channel Agma Schwa