Hunger Games Simulator


This Hunger Games Simulator exists because we were displeased with the other simulators out there; the one that we were using prior to the creation of this one (the one at made it very difficult to upload images and was utilising a needlessly convoluted server-driven system.

This simulator was created to address both of those shortcomings. With it, you can easily upload whatever images you want. You can also just give it a URL that points to a publicly accessible image, and it will work just fine—so long as your browser supports it, that is.

What's more, this simulator runs entirely in the browser, meaning that you could even download the page and use it offline if you so desired. This also means that it should be faster than the simulator we were using before, since it does not need to send data to a server and back every single time you press a button.

The events are mainly taken from the simulator, though some members of our community have contributed to the event list as well. You can disable existing events or add custom events by clicking the ‘Edit Events’ button below. Currently, the only way to add your own events is to download all events as json, modify the file, and reupload them.

Source Code, Bug Reports, Contributing, etc.

If you'd like to report a bug or suggest a feature, you can do so on the Agma Schwa Discord Server. Just @ the Mods and someone will come and help you.

Alternatively, you can also file an issue here. This requires you to have a free GitHub account.

The source code of, including the Hunger Games Simulator, is hosted in this GitHub repository.

Support the game developer, Ætérnal, on Patreon.

Thanks also to GitHub user @spaulmark for implementing the bulk-upload feature.

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