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Conlang speedrunning

The Agma Schwa Conlang Speedrunning Method is described below, with the dice rolls being optional, either to randomize the challenge level or to avoid indecisiveness.

If you make a speedrun and would like to submit your time for the leaderboard, record your attempt with the time visible and submit it to the Agma Schwa Discord server or to

Click here for a step-by-step description of the rules.

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NB: We do our best to update the documentation below as needed; however, should it differ from the Official Google Doc, then the latter takes precedence.


The following lists, which are small but growing, are of proven conlang speedrun records according to this method. To submit a time, please see the submitting a run section below.

Dice% is defined as: A run where any variables that are presented with dice options are actually rolled, and the runner deals with the consequences of those rolls.

Any% is defined as: A run where the dice are either not rolled or are rolled selectively in order to improve the speed.

Original Dice%

Original Dice%
1. Kate the Pan 21:34
2. Kate the Pan 21:52
3. Agma Schwa 33:07
4. GalacticSand 33:28
5. Kate the Pan 37:36
6. Mr Elephant 47:44
7. Stets Uninu 48:37
8. GalacticSand 51:04
9. benny6675 1:02:19
10. eqqemaś 1:50:02

Original Any%

Original Any%
1. Kate the Pan 21:55
2. Agma Schwa 31:39
3. N3 39:41
4. N3 1:25:12

Submitting a Run

In order to submit a run, please fill in the form below. To submit a run, you must be a member of the Agma Schwa Discord Server, and include your Discord username in the form below. Your submission will then appear in the #speedrun channel on the Discord and subsequently be posted to this page if found valid.

You also need to put your Discord ID in the corresponding field below. If you don’t know how to make IDs visible, you can use the /id command in any channel on the Agma Schwa Discord server, and the bot will tell you what it is.

Upload a recording of the run somewhere where it’s publicly accessible (YouTube, for instance, as a public or unlisted video), and put its URL in the URL field below.

: :

Agma Schwa’s Conlang Speedrun (Any%) Requirements



  1. Choose phonology

    Cannot be website default, must have at least six differences from default

  2. Word Pattern (Roll d6)

    1. CV(CV)(N)
    2. CV(CV)
    3. (C)V(CV)
    4. CV(N)CV(N)
    5. (N)CV(N)(CV)
    6. CVN(CV)(N)
  3. Generate Words

    Choose to generate 5000 words, filter duplicates, new line each (this will probably create around 1000 words), put on Excel/Sheets. If it cannot generate at least 1000 words, more variables need to be added to phonology. 10-13 additions seems to always be sufficient, but six minimum for the game.

  4. At least five phonological changes

  5. Top 100/207 from one of Wiktionary’s Swadesh lists, put on Excel/Sheets

  6. Categories for Verbs, Nouns, Adjectives, Adverbs are marked using (d6):

    • Prefixes
    • Suffixes
    • Infixes
    • Particles
  7. Word Order

    1. SVO
    2. SOV
    3. VOS
    4. OSV
    5. OVS
    6. VSO
  8. Morphosyntactic Alignment

    • Nominative/Accusative
    • Ergative/Absolutive
  9. Morphology

    1. Synthetic

      Create NOM/ERG, ACC/ABS, DAT, GEN markers according to phonology

    2. Analytic
  10. Verb Conjugation

    1. None
    2. Number+Tense
    3. Number
    4. Tense
  11. If no tense conjugation, create tense auxiliaries as follows, otherwise skip this step

    1. None
    2. Past+Present+Future
    3. Past+Present
  12. Grammatical Number

    1. Singular/Plural
    2. Singular/Dual/Plural
    3. Singular/Paucal/Plural
    4. Singular/Plural/Collective
  13. Grammatical Number: Noun-Adjective Agreement

    1. Yes
    2. No
  14. Grammatical Number: Subject/Agent-Verb Agreement

    1. Yes
    2. No
  15. Articles

    1. None
    2. Definite
    3. Definite/Indefinite
    4. Definite/Indefinite/Demonstrative
  16. Aspects

    First, roll a d4 to determine how many aspects to include.
    Next, roll a d6 that many times to find out which forms must be marked (Simple may be unmarked if it is not rolled)

    1. Perfective
    2. Imperfective
    3. Progressive
    4. Habitual
    5. Simple
  17. Moods

    First, roll D4 to determine how many moods to include
    Next, roll D6 that many times to find out which forms must be marked (Indicative may be unmarked if it is not rolled)

    1. Conditional
    2. Indicative
    3. Imperative
    4. Interrogative
    5. Inferential
  18. Name the Language

    Roll d1000, choose from the word list. If it already has a definition, too bad, justify the weird name culturally

  19. Make an Acceptable Translation of

    All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

For more information, see the YouTube channel Agma Schwa